Out of Order

Out of Order

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Are Congress and our government broken or is it possible to restore civility and collegiality to Capitol Hill? Do lobbyists and their financing sources control the agenda? Has the news media lost its way and forgotten its role of informing the public?

Out of Order examines the components that have contributed to a decline in civil discourse; the news media’s role, including the Internet; partisan gridlock; vanishing commitment to reasonable compromise; declining civic engagement; and factors such as gerrymandering, filibustering, increased showboating, money and the role of business, scandal, and cynicism.

Directed by Paul Tait Roberts, this documentary explores what many perceive to be a kind of broken politics in America. Through interviews with a broad range of political experts and observers, from former and current elected officials to journalists, academics, and political strategists, Out of Order will present a narrative that identifies the issues and proposes reforms to help Congress and our government function more effectively.

This is a not a standard packaged DVD item. The DVD will be sent in a protective paper sleeve, not in a DVD case and is printed without special production graphics.

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